Black Rock, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Voliotis family commissioned us to design packaging for their organic extra virgin olive oil with a high content of polyphenols.

We wanted to create a unique, quality product with simple design and a clear reference to Mt. Pelion, the region it comes from, without explicitly naming it.

Inspired by the stories and memories of the residents of Ano Lehonia village, in Pelion, we were captivated by a tale about the black rock, a place where woodcutters burned wood to make charcoal, and the village children went there to play and see the entire Pagasetic Gulf and the olive groves of Pelion.

Thus, we arrived at the name "Black Rock". We designed the rock with simple lines that lead to the logo, and placed a guardian Centaur at the top to symbolize Mt Pelion.

The black-painted bottle in the black box gives the Voliotis family from Pelion, a unique product that manages to stand out.