North Evia - Product Range

Re-Branding of the North Evia product line for canned fish products. North Evia products are packed in plastic containers, glass jars and tins.

For the plastic containers, we chose to design a paper sleeve that creates the necessary communication surfaces. The sleeve secures the container from its narrow sides to prevent movement, while an opening has been created on the front face to display the product.

The color base for the entire series is Bleu de Prusse, which, combined with the cyan of the logo, blends the deep blue of the Mediterranean with the azure of the Aegean.

The key visual throughout the product range is a compass designed in a contemporary "engraved" style, subtly appearing in the background, indicating the north.

In the logo as well, the gold foil embossing in the emblem adds a special quality mark while also emphasizing the concept of the northern direction.