"Korakis-Marinos", Chios Island traditional sweets

We changed the whole image of the spoon-sweets series together with the jar.
The key idea and visual of the series is based on the shape of an old dessert plate for spoon sweets. The content is depicted on the label using a watercolor sketch, while the label is printed on a watercolor textured paper.
“Glykovrychio™” (a non-existing greek word meaning “sweet submarine”) is a new series that we named. It is a combination of  spoon-sweet and vanilla-sweet (greek traditional sweet usually served on a spoon, submerged in a glass of cold water). To maintain the nice impression of the two contents' levels, the label is printed on clear synthetic adhesive label.
The range of mastic-sweets (submergible sweets) retains also the central shape of spoon-sweets range surrounded by a vibrant color pattern distinguishing the products from one another. The pattern consisting of hearts with a drop of sweetness ("sweet lovers") is giving  the whole range a touch of retro feeling.
In addition, a new series of mastic and halva-pies follows the same guidelines with the same color code. The products of this series are packaged in a flex printed flow pack.